9:30AM - 5:30PM

(last car admitted into the preserve at 4:30PM)

Local Conservation

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Permanently injured, non-releasable native birds, such as brown pelicans and great horned owl, are housed and cared for at Lion Country Safari and serve as ambassadors for their species, helping to educate the public about conservation of native wildlife, and how they can help protect marine animals by not releasing fishing line into the ocean.



Wetland Restoration

Lion Country Safari is currently involved in a conservation initiative to restore important wetland habitat. This restoration program involves removing invasive species, trimming existing plants, and removing debris. This will allow native wetland plants to reclaim the land and restore the habitat for Florida’s wildlife.



Wildlife Habitat for Native and Migratory Species

Lion Country Safari helps to provide habitat and nesting areas for native species such as purple martins, wood ducks, and bats. The Purple Martin is North America’s largest swallow and unfortunately is considered of special concern resulting from steep population declines attributed to pesticide use, collisions with man-made structures, and nest-site competition from aggressive introduced species. With the elimination of most natural nest cavities, eastern U.S. populations of the Purple Martin are almost completely dependent on artificial housing for nesting. To help make Purple Martins feel at home at Lion Country Safari, man-made gourd nests are located throughout the property.