9:30AM - 5:30PM

(last car admitted into the preserve at 4:30PM)


Lion Country Safari Welcomes Second Rare Baby Chimpanzee

Lion Country Safari welcomed a baby chimpanzee to its troop on Jan. 28, the second chimp baby born at the facility in a little over a year. The baby is making her debut on the island habitats in the preserve, and guests driving through the safari may see her clinging to mom.  This baby has been named Lili in honor of the Tonkolili Chimpanzee Project, a conservation initiative in Sierra Leone. Due to the status of chimpanzees in the wild and the low number of births in the population, thi... Read More
Posted by Haley Passeser at 17 February 2023

Lion Country Safari Nominated as Top Safari Park in the Country in 2023

Lion Country Safari has been nominated as a top safari park in the United States for USA Today’s “10Best” Reader’s Choice contest. Supporters can choose from 20 of the top nominated safari parks selected by experts in the zoo and travel field. Voting is open until noon on March 6th, 2023.  The list of the top 10 safari parks, ranked by popular vote, will be released on March 17th, 2023. Lion Country Safari is unique in that the park not only displays animals in l... Read More
Posted by Haley Passeser at 13 February 2023