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Lion Country Safari Celebrates Zoo Keepers’ Dedication and Hard Work


West Palm Beach, FL – Lion Country Safari is celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week in recognition of the hard work of wildlife staff dedicated to caring for over 1,000 animals on safari each day. Lion Country Safari has an animal care team of nearly 50 staff with diverse backgrounds and approximately 790 years of combined animal experience.

National Zoo Keeper Week, established by the American Association of Zoo Keepers in 2007, occurs during the third week of July each year and is dedicated to sharing the passion and devotion of keepers with the world. Lion Country Safari will be celebrating and highlighting keepers all week long.

A few staff bios at a glance:


Dan graduated from FSU and has been a zookeeper at Lion Country Safari for nearly 8 years. Dan loves working with our rhinos and enjoys the opportunity to talk to VIP tour guests one on one about rhinos during encounters. His hope is that sharing his passion and knowledge about rhinos will inspire others to help protect and conserve them!




Denise grew up fascinated with animals, watching wildlife documentaries more often than cartoons. She ultimately attended Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo prior to joining us at Lion Country Safari and has fallen in love with the lion care routine and handsome K’wasi in particular. She loves when the lions roar, and learning the differences in the roar of each individual lion.





Tina has a Ph.D from the University of Utah and oversees our chimpanzee care program here at Lion Country Safari. Tina co-founded a chimpanzee census and conservation site in Sierra Leone to help monitor wild chimpanzee populations and mitigate chimp-human conflict. Her favorite chimp is Higgy, a strong and huge alpha male chimpanzee with a secret goofy side.





Jonathan is trained on several of the keeper routines and enjoys working with such a great variety of animals, but most often he takes care of antelope or lions. Jonathan started his time at Lion Country Safari as a Safari Day Camper before becoming a camp counselor and ultimately a zoo keeper, fulfilling his dream since his childhood days of watching the amazing and sorely missed Steve Irwin.

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